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Never let your kid's watch Ben 10, because by the time I'm done, you will know why you should not let your kid's watch it. 1, It is a new aged based show. Here's what the show's about ; it's about a kid who finds a watch-like device that allows him to turn into so-called aliens, but we all know what they really are. Plus the way i see it kinda plays into the story of the war in heaven which can be found in Revelation chapter 12. Now how does this play into that chapter you ask? Well if you read the part where Satan was cast out of heaven, he lost his angelic beauty and became a hideous monster, which in the show we see Ben Tennyson turn into hideous monsters from the watch-like device called the Omnitrix. 2, it has spells in the show. In the bible, it tells us that it is a abomination, it tells us in deuteronomy 18:10 "There shall not be found among you anyone that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire or that useth deviation or an observer of times or an enchanter or a charmer or a consulter with familiar spirits or wizard or a necromancer for all these things are an abomination onto the lord and because of these abominations the lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee thou shalt be perfect with the lord thy God" Now with Ben 10, there are tons of things which are a abomination unto the Lord, as we see in the show, the cousin of Ben 10 named Gwen uses spells in the show because of 2 villains in the show. 1 named Hex and the other named Charm Caster. Now we see this throughout the whole series and this was a show that was demanded? When it's watched you can tell that it is not that good at all unless your a person with a hell-bound soul. Not to mention there are also charms that have been used with in the show which is why some kids are in hell for this, this has been said by Miss Angelica Zambrano that when Jesus was showing her hell " I saw demons that looked like character's from BEN 10, Dora, Dragon ball and the shows were being used to make kids rebel against the parents" I don't remember the rest of it but i do remember her saying that i used to watch a lot of these shows liked crazy, but as a kid, I didn't understand because back then I was in the new age state of mind, now that I understand I have to warn people what is going on, not to mention we have the Jew's to thank for these evil shows. I plan to talk about this in a later post when I have more information, but for now, let's continue. 3, they talk about demons and other dimensions. This has been shown in the show also, just to make it even worse they even have a occult in the show and keep talking about the dragon, which we know who the dragon is in the bible, the dragon part screams the devil like crazy, but the the people who are in the know would understand, but the people who have hell-bound souls would say it's just a kid show, really? Think again because your wrong. This show is very satanic to its core and you let your kids watch this? I remember my sister saying it wasn't a good idea to be watching this and asked me why i was obsessed with its content and pretending to be Ben. I got mad at her at first but now, I understand she was trying to help me. Christians will try to help you but you have to be willing to accept why they are trying to help you instead of getting mad at them. That's about all I have to say about it. 1 thing if you look at the alien called Jurry Rig. He looks a lot like the demons we see on pictures on lot, also the some of the episodes of ben 10 ben can't control the the first time he uses them, and there is more in the 1st ben 10 show if you look at the episode called ghost freak out, ghost freak says when the dan sample was taken for the Omnitrix. He was alive, which means that every single alien which are demons are alive in the watch, so it just shows that Ben Tennyson is allowing these demons to take control of his body so that he can use their powers. This also channeling the way it looks like he is channeling the power of demons, so again, how is this a kid show? As I said a lot in my videos & posts, we really have to be careful otherwise the devil will have a big time grip on you. Now again there will be people that say "it's just a kids show". No, it's not. If you think this is a good show for kids, then your stupid to even think that.  So there is really nothing good about this show, the show really is nothing but a satanic based show that kids really should not be watching. If you love your kids, if you want them to have good values in life then please show them good christian based things, and this is very important that we do. I know that the earth is cursed but at least we have a chance to get right with God and this is a must. I will have more about this topic soon, but for now thank you for reading , may God bless you and have a wonderful day.


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I'm just a guy with dreams that i want to become reality. I want to become a show & movie maker & a photographer. My goal is to be the best soldier for god & do whats right in his eyes.



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